PlexTask - Personal Task Manager


PlexTask is a productivity toolkit for managing your tasks, todo lists, events and notes.

Major features include:

  • Supports GTD based task management
  • Supports simple and effective way to maintain tasks, events and note
  • Supports multiple categories, projects and contexts
  • Supports a variety of filters based on time period, categories, projects, contexts and texts
  • Supports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly recurring events and tasks
  • Supports Google Calendar
  • Supports email reminders for tasks and events
  • Supports tags and annotations
  • Supports offline access without Internet and allows sync to the server when connection is available
  • Providers email reminders
  • Provides multiple operating systems such as MacOs, Windows, Linux, etc.
  • Supports web based installation and automatic updates via Java Web Start

Easily Filter Tasks and Events

Quickly add new Tasks

Add new Tasks

Add new Events

Daily, Weekly and Monthly view of Events



Define your own Projects, Contexts and Categories