PlexMailer - An Anti-SPAM Application
PlexMailer is a cross-platform anti-SPAM application that comes with built-in email application and can work with other email applications.

Major features include:

  • Block 90% of SPAM or Unsolicited Commercial Emails (UCE). It supports Bayesian Filter and all of major blacklists such as ORBS, SPEWS, SPAMCOP, SpamNet/Vipul's Razor, etc.
  • With PlexMailer you don't have to give up your current e-mail software, like Microsoft Outlook, the PlexMailer Spam features work in the background for any e-mail software you are currently using. Also, it works on all major platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OSX.
  • It comes with a professional email client that supports unlimited accounts, address-book, local folders for caching and organization, etc. It also, allows user to use other email clients by running as a proxy between mail-server and mail-client. It Supports popular POP3 and IMAP mail protocols. In addition it supports SMTP, NNTP, LDAP, MBOX, and MH protocols. SSL and S/MIME support is also included. PlexMailer also supports a mini SMTP agent for sending email, thus it allows users to send emails without having their own outgoing SMTP server.
  • Users can assign a priority between 1 and 10 to each contact in his/her address-book. PlexMailer will sort messages based on that priority by displaying messages from users with higher priority on top. Thus users can reach most important messages quickly. In addition, users can use PlexMailer to organize their folders by storing messages from each sender to his/her unique folder based on his/her name automatically. If the folder does not exist, it is automatically created.
  • PlexMailer offers simple block-based filtering by blocking sender's email, domain or subject; friends-only filtering, whereby messages from users who are in the address-book are stored in the INBOX. All other emails are stored in UnFriendly folder. When email is received from any user who is not in the address-book, PlexMailer prompts user whether to add that user. If user agrees the message is saved in INBOX, otherwise sender is added to the spammers list and user will not see any message from that user. Finally PlexMailer provides an rule-based filtering whereby an incoming message is checked against user-defined rules. The user can define various action when filter is matched such as change headers, delete, forward or respond, report message to ISP, etc. User can also use the rule-based expert-engine to organize your mailbox by sorting incoming messages into designated folders. PlexMailer supports Bayesian Filter which uses a sophisticated statistical analysis to determine if message is SPAM or not.
  • Includes an advanced analysis engine that analyzes mail messages and sort out real headers from fake headers. It also finds email address of administrator from where email was sent and it allows user to report sender to his/her ISP. It also allows user to send "fake unknown user" reply to spammers so that he thinks that user's email address is not valid.
  • It allows users to fight back spammers by reporting senders to their ISPs. Most spammers use fake email addresses and fake headers. PlexMailer determines the host where message was generated and email addresses of ISP. It then creates a detailed report, which is then sent to the administrators. (See sample complaints).
  • It includes message-search tools and a number of people-search tools such as LDAP, Yahoo's people search and Usenet search. The result of people search can be easily imported into the address-book.
  • Supports command-line interface for advanced server configuration. It can be easily integrated with other mail tools such as .forward, .procmail, sendmail, etc.
  • It includes advanced tools for system administrators to investigate source of email message, such as whois, radb/ans, ipwhois, mx/soa lookup, blackhole lists, etc. In addition, it can scan a mail server for relaying vulnerabilities.