PlexGlobe - International Clock and Global Kit

In today's global society, we need tools to communicate with the rest of the world. In order to succeed, you need to learn about geography, history, culture and economy for the region you are interacting with. PlexGlobe provides cornucopias tools to provide this information at your fingertips.

Major Features include:

  • WORLD CLOCK PlexGlobe comes with world clock (with day light saving support) that allows you to view current time for any part of the world. User can select location either by geography or by time zone. User can set any number of cities or time zones for which PlexGlobe will show current time.
  • WORLD CALENDAR PlexGlobe supports a number of calendars such as Gregorian, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Islamic and Buddhist. User can view multiple calendars at the same time. These calendars also show local holidays.
  • METRIC CONVERSION This allows user to convert length, area, volume, mass and temperature from imperial and metric units.
  • DATE CALCULATER Date calculator provides a number of calendar and date conversion facilities such as conversion between Gregorian and Julian dates. It allows conversion of dates between Gregorian, Islamic, Hebrew, Japanese and Buddhist calendars. It allows date and time calculation by adding or subtracting days, weeks, months and years. In addition it calculates time differences between time zones.
  • SUN/MOON POSITIONS PlexGlobe allows user to find sun or moon position for any day on any part of the world. Also, user can find direction between any two cities or calculate shadow at any time of the day.
  • PRAYERS FOR MUSLIMS For Muslim users, PlexGlobe allows user to calculate prayer timings and play adhan for every salaat. User can configure salaat timings based on a number of supported jurisdictions. In addition, users can find direction of Qibla or Kaaba from any part of the world. PlexGlobe provides direction based on North and Magnetic compass.
  • WEATHER INFORMATION PlexGlobe allows users to find weather information for most major cities of the world.
  • CURRENCY CONVERSION PlexGlobe allows users to find real-time currency conversion rates from the Internet.
  • FLIGHT TIME AND DISTANCE PlexGlobe allows users to find flight time and distance between any airports of the world.
  • AUTOMATIC UPDATE PlexGlobe uses Java Web Start for installing and launching the application. Java Web Start automatically installs new updates to the software. These changes include new features, bug fixes, new filtering rules and other changes. Thus, buying this software is like lifetime subscription to the software.