Passion Investment Portfolio

Passion Investment Portfolio

Passion Investment Portfolio is a simulated stock trading game where players receive stocks based on their passion and interests. When a player join Passion Investment Portfolio, he/she receives $10,000 virtual cash for buying stocks.

The player then defines his/her passions such as:

  • personal hobbies / interests
  • personal profession
  • personal causes
  • products they like
  • people they admire
  • restaurants where they eat
  • stores where they shop
  • places where they live

How it works?

Each day users receive stocks from one of the company that matches their passions. Users will receive these stocks automatically as long as they play each day.

The Passion Investment Portfolio game maintains stock values of all companies they own and users can view their portfolio growth over a period.

Users can also sell any companies that they do not like and buy different companies. When a user sells a stock, a capital gain/loss is calculated based on difference between initial buy price and sell price.

Users also receive special badges each day based on capital gains they earned in last month or portfolio value over last quarter.

Passion Investment Portfolio uses Game Center and posts users with highest portfolio values on leader boards.