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PlexGlobe allows user to view time and calendar for any part of the world. It supports Gregorian, Islamic, Buddhist, Japanese and Hebrew Calendars. It allows date/time conversion between different parts of the world. It provides real-time conversion rates for international currencies. It provides major holidays for any country of the world. It provides sunset/sunrise for any part of the world. It provides language translation. It provides schedule and tasks list alert. Also, it provides stop-watch. It supports Atomic clock based on NTP protocol. It provides prayer schedule and qibla direction for muslims. .


PlexLotto comes with tools to generate lottery numbers via full/abbreviated wheeling, smart picks, dozens of charts/reports and filters. .


Warebouts App provides realtime where-abouts of your family & friends and allows you to setup alerts when you arrive your favorite places. It also allows interactive chat among members of your group, which are sent as notifications when you are not using the app. This app is specially designed for parents to know when their kids are safe at home or school and receive alerts when they did not arrive on time.
  • You can then send invite to other members of your family or friends to join your group. Once they are joined, you can view their where-abouts and interact with them. Warebouts keeps location information secured so that only members of your groups can access it.
  • You can create your favorite places, which would be shared in your group. Any member of your group can then receive alerts when you arrive or leave that place. For example, parents may setup alerts for home or school so that when kids arrive/leave school or home, they are notified.
  • You can view where-abouts of your family/friends in a map and you would know when someone is on his/her way with real-time location updates.
  • You can also chat with your friends & family and send notifications when they are not using the app.

Build Mailer Library

The PlexBulkMailer accepts an email request for multiple recipients and then sends the underlying email message to each identified recipient. The component employs a threaded model and enables multiple SMTP servers to be configured to increase system throughput during bulk email processing. The Bulk Email component can be used for any bulk emailings.


PlexTask is a productivity toolkit for managing your tasks, todo lists, events and notes. It supports GTD based task management and easy filtering by projects, contexts, priorities, etc. It supports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly recurring events and tasks. All data is sync'd with Google calendar.

PlexGlobe for Android

PlexGlobe toolkit that includes international clocks, calendars, and other tools PlexGlobe is a global toolkit that includes:
  • World clocks in analog and digital format
  • International calendars including Gregorian, Buddhist, Chinese, Coptic, Hebrew, Indian, Islamic, Japanese and Persian
  • World holidays
  • Solar and Lunar times for local and international cities
  • Currency conversion
  • Weather for local and international cities
  • Time zone and calendar conversions
  • Countdown to any date in past or future
  • Stop watch
  • Gregorian/Julian conversion
  • Manage events and tasks in international calendars
  • Alarms