PlexObject Solutions provides software, consulting and internet services to build enterprise systems and infrastructure. Following section describes a summary of these services:

Customized Enterprice Solutions

PlexObject Solutions, Inc. specializes in designing and building enterprise systems. We have expertise in object-oriented and distributed methodoligies and tools. We are strong supporter of J2EE, CORBA, XML, Ruby/Rails for their open standard and have in depth experience in them. These technologies are becoming corner stones for building medium to large scale sysetms. With the combination of our experience and these tools we can help our clients build stable, high performance and secure systems.

Web Development

We provide consulting services for web development using Web 2.0, J2EE and Ruby on Rails solutions. We offer services to build professional web pages and secure web applications. We have been building web applications since early days of web and can offer nonmatching expertise to succeed our clients in making a profitable web based business.

Mobile Development

We provide consulting services for mobile developing on Android and iOS platforms.